Human Resources Consultant

A trusted resource for HR expertise, whether it’s a unique situation, a project-specific need like an HR audit, or a long-term employee or organizational development endeavor.


Holly is available to speak on these topics:

  • Learning to Connect
  • Managing Up: What Great Employees Know About Their Boss
  • Increasing Accountability Among Teams
  • Building Trust to Create Efficiency

Customized facilitation and lectures are also available. Please contact me.


Do you have an employee new to a leadership role? Chronic conflict between individuals or departments? A rising star with the desire to transition to the next level in leadership? Are you spending too much time dealing with the same issues, over and over again, with your team?  

I can help.

Mental Toughness Trainer

Certified trainer in Dr. Jason Selk’s mental toughness program for peak performance. More info at:


  • Thank you again for everything you have done for me. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and like I said before this truly has been one of the best if not the best experience I’ve ever had during my professional career in regards to personal growth.

  • What aspects of your coaching experience did you like the most? - Listening to what goals I wanted to obtain and helping me get there but at the same time challenging me to think of new goals.
    - All the reading suggestions.
    - Being able to discuss anything and feeling comfortable.
    - Creating the goals with actionable items and then holding me accountable for them with the Check-in form.
    - Being flexible as we worked through my goals.

  • Holly helped me realize that I cannot control everything around me but that I need to accept my role and realize that I can only do my best work with the time I have. My time management has gotten much better since we started meeting and I don’t get as stressed over the day to day items that are outside of my control.


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