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A favorite author of mine recently expressed a desire to be sensitive to adding value instead of noise. True in ordinary times, but especially true as we filter such a high volume of information. I share the same desire, and it’s been top of my mind for a couple of weeks now.

I want to ask you a single question to help you focus any extra energy you might have.

What are you learning about yourself right now?

As I prepped for a possible Spring Break trip out of the country, just before the greater impact of COVID-19 became apparent, I communicated this sentiment to a group of friends. Lightheartedly, I commented that all the decisions I needed to make were teaching me a lot about myself. Most clearly – that I didn’t like being told what to do without sound data to support the reason behind the command. Perhaps like many of you, I am confused by conflicting information, the lightning-fast speed at which things change, and a multitude of sources offering so many stats and soundbites. In the last two weeks, I believe I’ve received an email from every single organization I’ve ever interacted with. I acknowledge the good intentions. It’s just too much.

When my sister-in-law expressed a similar sentiment. Well, she told me recently, I’m learning a lot about myself these days. I was struck by this because it told me that others were also feeling overwhelmed. Our natural inclination might be to look outward and perhaps even be quick to judge a “right” or a “wrong” approach, but I also invite you to take this unique opportunity to reflect and focus inward. It’s an amazing opportunity to increase your own level of self-awareness.

What are you learning about yourself right now?

This week, I’ve had the privilege of asking my clients this question. Digging a little bit deeper, we’ve had the chance to explore meaningful topics like…

•emotional reactions to quick changes

•reminders of core values

•understanding those things in one’s sphere of influence

•brainstorming ways to help others

The exercise of focusing inward, but not in a selfish way, has provided clarity and increased self-awareness. I invite you to take a couple of minutes to focus on YOU.

What are you learning about yourself right now?

In this time of increased physical distancing, I’d love to increase our social connection and hear from you!








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