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Sharing some quick ‘wisdom’ from a recent lesson I learned on what busy really means. 

I know I fell right into the trap when a friend asked how I was doing a couple of weeks ago.  I was training for another marathon and starting a new business, so my automatic answer was ‘Good. Busy, but good.’  This led to a fantastic conversation about how lame of a response that was.  I loved the deep conversation that followed.  We discussed how many people think busy = productive = valuable = good.  His words, “it sends a message of confidence when you don’t complain about how busy you are everyday”, have challenged me to remove “too busy” from my vocabulary.

The very next day, this was the YOU are a BADA$$ calendar entry:

Another related item that same week (1-minute video on the topic):

Replace “I’m busy” with “That’s not a priority” and see how your thoughts shift!

And finally, a quick read on how busy is the new stupid:

I’m not too busy to connect with you!




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