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Hello! We’re Jennifer Horn-Frasier and Holly Adams, two consultants from the Midwest who use strategy and grit to help individuals, teams, and organizations create a clear vision of the success they seek, and then make it happen.

Strategic Grit is born of the lessons we’ve learned in 2020, as well as the lessons that our clients have learned. As the Coronavirus has taken a tighter hold of our nation and its economy, it’s become clear to us that those best equipped to ride out tumultuous times are those who possess certain qualities: They are nimble, and they are resilient.

And that’s when we came up with Strategic Grit: A resilience that is not random, but well-planned, effective, and durable.

Our goal is to share what we’ve learned from helping people become more strategic and more resilient, and how you too can use a more strategic and resilient mindset to reach your goals.

More specifically, Jennifer will share how she uses a decision-making framework to help organizations create a long-term vision that everyone understands and embraces. Holly will get into the nitty-gritty (no pun intended!) of how to effectively identify and articulate goals, incorporate accountability, and continually reevaluate progress.

We will use real client stories to illustrate how to make Strategic Grit happen, and we’ll incorporate your feedback and questions into each and every blog. We want this to be a conversation, not a long-winded lecture.

We think that Strategic Grit will help you and your team feel emboldened to respond to change, navigate upheaval, and keep moving forward, and we can’t wait to get started!

We’ll post our next blog here in about a month. Until then, if you have something you’d like to share with us, you can reach us at or

Thank you for spending a bit of time with us! More soon!

Jennifer and Holly


About Jennifer:

Jennifer helps businesses, nonprofits, and community coalitions with evolution management: tackling complex problems, determining strategic direction, and taking action to create a new future. She is a Certified Strategic Doing Workshop Leader.

About Holly:

Holly is a trusted partner to individuals and teams, helping them forge and refine purposeful leadership and authentic collaboration to successfully navigate both planned routes and unexpected detours. She is a certified Human Resources Professional and Mental Toughness Trainer.


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