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Today I’m sharing a nugget of insight from a recent client conversation.

As we talked about this client’s organization’s response to COVID-19, he expressed pride and gratitude in the way the company and his team have continued to address customer needs. But he also talked about a problem he was having with a manger. This manager has always had a tendency to micro-manage, but the company’s new work-from-home mandate has intensified this tendency, resulting in some difficult conversations between my client and the manager.

The need to address performance issues—good and bad—does not stop just because the world is social-distancing, and yet we still took the time to acknowledge the weight of the current situation. How much grace is appropriate in these unprecedented times? What are the correct data points to consider before reprimanding a subordinate during these times?

You, too, might be wondering how to address performance issues during this time, and I think my client’s solution was spot-on. He decided to: Take action or take notes.

Pandemic or not, leaders don’t get a break from leading and looking out for their team. My client acknowledged this truth when he said he’d either have to terminate the manager (regardless of the current situation), or continue documenting conversations with him as part of a performance improvement plan.

Are you offering an appropriate amount of grace while still addressing performance concerns?







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