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The Leap From the Lion’s Head


When I shared that I’d made the decision to start my own consulting firm, a dear friend congratulated me for being brave enough “to take the leap from the lion’s head,” referring to the point Indiana Jones, in the movie The Last Crusade, crosses a gorge with the Water of Life to save his father.  Indiana Jones understood that part of his journey required a leap of faith.


I assure you, the decision for me to serve others in this way was far less dramatic!  However, it does provide a good comparison for the faith I have in this journey and the excitement I have to share my own gifts.


The purpose of my work is to provide support to those individuals, teams and organizations that are looking for a trusted business partner during times of change or conflict.  My clients will receive positive encouragement, access to various assessment tools, and a results-based structure for impacting change.  With a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and 20 years of experience in Human Resources, I recognize how critical it is to business success to focus on the development and engagement of all employees.


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