In Leadership, Wednesday Wisdom

Today’s WW is more of an announcement than a dose of wisdom, but wisdom is exactly what I hope to gain during my upcoming training with Dr. Jason Selk, whose work on developing mental toughness for peak performance resonates with me, personally and professionally.

So, I’m getting on a jet plane and heading to Las Vegas to meet Dr. Selk and spend some time soaking up as much knowledge as possible so that I can bring it back and share it with you.

What exactly am I hoping to gain?

This certification will allow me to use a proven, research-based framework with my clients. Dr. Selk’s system allows for customization, and the “relentless pursuit of greatness” philosophy applies across all organizational levels, all industries, and even all ages!

Looking forward to sharing more details next week, but in the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Dr. Selk, visit his website.

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