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Before the fitness centers closed in March, I was a regular at a spin (cycling) class on Sunday mornings. I prefer cycling outdoors, even with the occasional mishap (see: But winter weather in Iowa can be harsh, and I like keeping myself bike-ready so I can really enjoy the warmer months.

The spin class is short but incredibly intense. On more than one occasion, I’ve checked the clock, thinking I’ve got to be at least halfway through, only to realize that I’m only about 4 minutes into the workout.

It’s brutal. But I love it.

One reason I love this class is the instructor. In one of my very first classes – when the workout was at its most challenging – this instructor encouraged students to give 100 percent.

Remember why you’re here, she told us. So many people are still sleeping or reading the newspaper while they sip their coffee, but you? You’re here, working hard.

Why are you here, in this place, right now? Could answering this question help you find the motivation you need to finish strong?

I love a deep question. Looking inward for the incentive to keep working hard, even when times get tough, is key to success. I think about why I’m here often.

The “why” question doesn’t have to be a define-your-purpose kind of question, but it’s a direct reminder to reflect on our own sources of motivation.

So, what’s your Why?







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