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I still have a lot to learn about wrestling and what it means to be a wrestling mom. But a couple of things I’ve come to know: wrestlers tend to possess an extraordinary amount of mental toughness and there are some great parallels in sports performance and leadership. I’m taking notes! And here’s a good example: the father of a teammate on my son’s wrestling team recently shared this article:

My 3 take-aways:

  1. The perspective is true for all sports/activities, not just wrestling.
  2.  Valuing process over results and viewing challenges as opportunities highlight key components of mental toughness; learning this early can provide a solid foundation for life-long coping skills.
  3. Substitute “manager” for “parent” and “employee/employees” in place of “child/kids” and you’ve got some great insight on business relationships too.

Hope you have a great week!


PS – thank you, Rick, for the sharing the article and thank you, Cara, for a great picture!

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